Top 5 activities to get to know your housemates

Moving in with new people when you start university can be strange, and you'll meet a lot of different characters. It's important to try and get along with your housemates as they'll be a huge part of your first year at university, and maybe years to come! 

We've put together some ideas on how you can get to know your housemates.

1. Explore Bristol

There's nothing like a good adventure to get to know your housemates, and chances are it will be the first time many of you are living in Bristol so why not get to know your new home together. Venture down to the historic Harbourside, learn about Bristol's famous street art and the home of Banksy or try some delicious street food in the local markets, there's plenty to do and see!

2. Have a games night

Ice breaker games are a great way to get to know your housemates in a more relaxed environment, and no, we don't meet the cringey ones they used to make you do in school, don't worry! From Monopoly, Uno and Pictionary to Charades, Categories and Exploding Kittens, there's always a game that everyone can get involved with - plus it's a great way to find out who's competitive and who's not! No one has a board game? Head down to Bristol's very own boardgame cafe Chance and Counters - but remember to book your table!

3. Cook a meal together

Cooking together may seem a hectic task but if you choose a few people to help cook the meal it can be good fun, and your housemates will most definitely appreciate it! Choose a relatively easy meal, such as fajitas or homemade burgers to reduce the stress and why not take it it in turns to cook a weekly housemate meal - if you're feeling really adventurous you could veen build yourselves up to a Sunday roast!

4. Do something active

With good weather lasting through much of September, it's the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and do something active! During the Welcome period, there are lots of opportunities to try something different and active. We'll have a bike tour of Bristol, a Roller Disco, a nature walk and loads more! If you want to explore a little more, check out AirHop, the Bristol to Bath cycle path or climb up Cabot Tower for some great views of the city!

5. Have a movie night

Did you know? UWE Bristol has it's own SceneIT cinema which screens films every Monday and Wednesday evening at 18:15, completely for free! You don't need a ticket, just get some snacks, turn up and settle in for the night!