5 Reasons you should vote in The Students’ Union elections…

…and you only have until 22:00 on Thursday 8 March to do so! Voting in this year’s elections is already well underway and it’s down to you to decide who takes the lead of The Students’ Union for another year – but why should you vote?

1. This is YOUR students’ union

We are run by students for students. If you want something to change on campus or on your course, your elected student officers can make that happen by campaigning to the university – so make sure you vote for the right officer whose manifesto and policies align with what you want from UWE Bristol.

2. Making a change

The elected officers can make a real change to your time at university. Past officers have worked to set up the out-of-hours student support service UWE Nightline, lobbied for reduced rent and course costs, run sexual health campaigns, launched #UWESaysRelax - a campaign designed to encourage students to look after themselves during stressful assignment and exam periods, and much more. 

Each candidate has a manifesto with their different priorities that they will work towards if they are elected - so check out this year's candidates and see who you would like to stand in the five full-time positions. 

3. Have a say in where the money is spent

The Students’ Union is a large multi-million pound organisation and the elected officers have an influence in where that money is spent – so choosing the right officer is essential. They have a say in decisions such as new student facilities on campus, to student events and how sports clubs and societies are funded, so who you vote for can open up different opportunities and experiences for you.

4. Be represented in the most effective way

If you are a member of a minority group, such as BME, LGBT+ or disabled students, make sure you’ve checked which candidates have specific policies in their manifestos regarding this. We are electing specific part-time officers for BME, LGBT+ and disabled students, so giving your vote for these allows you to be represented in the most effective way within The Students’ Union.

5. Hold candidates to account

If there’s something you disagree with at The Students’ Union throughout the year, you can hold the elected officer’s to account. If they’re not fulfilling what’s in their manifesto – ask them why!


The five full-time officers consist of The Students’ Union President, Vice President Education, Vice President Community and Welfare, Vice President Societies and Communication and Vice President Sport and Health. They work every day 09:00 – 17:00 with students, for students and have made some great changes at UWE! They’re based in the upper engagement space of The Students’ Union at Frenchay Campus so you can pop in and speak to your elected officers at any time about changes you would like to see – vote for who you wish to stand in the roles and together, you can make a difference.


Voting closes at 22:00 on Thursday 8 March, so make sure you make yours count and have your say! Check out the candidates and vote here