6 Item Special: 2 Weeks Down, 4 To Go

Although I’m running the risk of sounding dramatic – this is possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever signed up to. As we go into the third week I’m removing my Drama Queen crown and getting over myself. It’s honestly not that bad!

The main benefits I’ve noticed so far are:

  1. The time I take to get ready has been drastically reduced. It’s amazing how much weight has been taken off by just removing this seemingly simple decision from my mornings.
  2. The washing basket is filling up a lot slower - massive bonus.
  3. My bank balance is definitely going to be thankful for 6 weeks without clothes shopping. I found a statistic from 2014 which stated that the average British woman buys 58 items of clothing a year.

But of course, supporting an amazing charity is at the fore front of the benefits. Fast fashion is responsible deplorable conditions, poverty payments and extreme environmental destruction. Not to mention that the creativity is being sucked out of design. Individuality is no longer encouraged from brand to brand rather, consumers expect variations of the same garments in every store.

If we take one simple step – wear less clothes for longer then we could see improvements in worker's conditions and it will be easier on our pockets too. If you decided to save some money by buying less clothes, why not donate it to Labour Behind the Label?