8 Secret Santa ideas for under £10

Christmas present

If you’re doing Secret Santa with your housemates this year and are stuck for ideas, we’ve got some great suggestions for you – whatever your budget!

Brownie in a mug mix: £4.00

A perfect mug-sized treat for those cold winter nights.


Virtual Pet: £4.99

Bring all the nostalgia feels back with this Tamagotchi-style pet.


Phone charge holder: £4.99

This holder will keep your secret santa’s phone safe and sound whilst charging.


90’s TV trivia: £4.99

Perfect for anyone who loves their 90’s tv – from Friends to Fresh Prince, it has it all!


Grow your own Christmas tree: £4.99

Because everyone needs a tiny Christmas tree in their room, right?


Avocado hugger: £7.99

Even though Millionaire Tim Gurner told us to stop buying avocado toast if we wanted to own our own house someday, we still love avocados. They’ll now stay fresher for longer with these silicone Huggers.


USB Mug Warmer: £6.99

Keep your tea, coffee or hot chocolate warm with your laptop, wherever you are.


Spaghetti measurer: £7.99 - £9.95*

This handy spaghetti measurer will ensure no pasta goes to waste!

*Available in Horse and T-Rex portion sizes

Please note: Prices correct at time of publish