August Report

Summer is nearly over and it’s been so busy at The Students’ Union!

I’ve been spending the past month in and out of training, getting ready to meet all you lovely new and returning students in September. I’ve been preparing for Freshers Fair, making sure that all the societies have all the necessary resources to showcase themselves successfully. This has involved scrolling through a lot of budget requests, and approving spending for all the exciting things that our societies have planned for the year.

Also, I’ve helped to organise our new society Student Media to become active, by getting loads of passionate students involved. The society is finally ready to go and will be waiting for everyone to explore at the Freshers Fair, so go and check it out on 16th September. If you are interesting in being involved with the society email me:

Finally, Serena and I have taken on the responsibility of implementing TIGER (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect) into our committee trainings as a partnership to our End It Now campaign. It’s something that we’re both really passionate about and are keen to champion over the coming year.