Christmas Card Project helps UWE's LGBT Community

Christmas Card Project

Someone who has captured the Christmas Spirit this year...

At this festive time of the year we think about those close to us; family and friends. It’s a time of the year to reflect, be grateful and appreciative of the love that surrounds us. Though for some that isn’t the case. Not being accepted or cut off by your family at this time of year can be especially hard. Not being accepted for your own identity from your family can be incredibly isolating and lonely.

I want to make a special recognition to someone who, through many simple acts of kindness, has made a difference to hundreds of LGBT+ people across the country and even overseas. Natalie from UWE Law Society reached out to us, UWE LGBT+, back in freshers with this amazing Christmas Card Project. Her passion for the project shined through from the start, and we proudly supported the whole idea! Natalie has truly blown my Christmas socks off, over 200 extra cards sent, raising £604 for the organisation, and spreading the message throughout UWE, and the greater Bristol community. 

Natalie Modrzynski has lead the way in showing true Christmas spirit, spreading love far and wide this year, truly inspiring. I couldn’t be more honoured and blessed to have worked with such an all round smart, lovely and charitable person. She should be very proud of her achievements, which has made such a meaningful difference to LGBT+ people this Christmas, I hope others and myself included can follow in her inspirational footsteps of kindness.

Thank you, and well done Natalie!