Climbing - This Girl Can

Climbing - This Girl Can

Blog by Vic, UWE Climbing - This Girl Can 

I've been climbing for just over a year on and off, since trying it out at Freshers' in 2016, having only climbed a handful of times previously; I first got involved because I'd mainly focused on "leg sports" such as cycling and figure skating before, and I wanted a new challenge that would use my whole body.

I enjoy climbing because it's a very social sport, where people of different abilities can have a chat and develop their skills; I think it's particularly good because there are different types of climbing - such as top roping, where the rope is already above you, lead climbing, where you take the rope up with you, and my personal favourite, bouldering - which doesn't use ropes or harnesses, so you really rely on a mixture of strength and technique to complete the routes, which are called "problems".

There's something for everyone, and there are so many different facets to the skill development, so there's always something to improve at.  

I think more girls should get involved with climbing because it's great for your self-confidence and problem solving, it teaches you to be analytical, and it's a really good stress reliever (or break from studies). It also helps you get (or stay) fit and toned, and increases your flexibility if you train on even a semi-regular basis. You can also compete to test yourself (though you don't have to)! 

If anybody fancies trying out a bit of bouldering, we tend to have members of the club down at BLOC on Mondays and TCA on Fridays, though there are people climbing any day of the week if you ask on our Facebook page. Come and try us out, we're really friendly!

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