How Late Night Do It Right has encouraged students to drink responsibly

Late Night Do It Right Team

During our Welcome period this year, we ran our ongoing Late Night Do It Right Campaign (LNDIR) with the aim of getting our students to have an unforgettable, and more importantly, safe Freshers.

We wanted to embed a few social norms of responsible drinking on our campus, building a healthier, safer and more productive student community. You may have seen the LNDIR team at several of the Welcome events, where our student reps were on hand to provide students with hot drinks, toast, sweets, condoms, phone charging points and taxi numbers to ensure their Freshers nights out ended safely.

Having the opportunity to speak to a large volume of students and raise awareness of the campaign was key, from brand new Freshers to returning second and third years. It led to open conversations surrounding the student experience and the impact alcohol can have, and enabled our student reps to take the lead on the campaign, alongside help from the Christian Union and local drug and alcohol services.

See what the student reps had to say about the campaign:

“I am passionate about this sort of project for young people, promoting safety on a night out is very important. I wanted to share with students what I have learnt through my own experiences – that there isn’t the pressure to drink that they think there is, that there is no shame in knowing your limits and cutting down – in fact it is a good thing.”

“I am more aware of how vulnerable drinking can make you on a night out. I now don’t drink too much, making sure my wits are about me so I can get home sage, thinking about what I do before/during/after nights out, and how this can impact on my life and wellbeing. I now try to live by the rules that I was promoting during my LNDIR work.”

To read more about the campaign and see what more people had to say, check out the full LNDIR case study here.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Late Night Do It Right campaign, please get in touch and let us know at Alternatively, if you know of any upcoming events that you feel the LNDIR team should be present for – we’d love to hear your thoughts!