How to be more productive this exam season

How to be more productive this exam season

Exam season can be a struggle; and January doesn’t make it any easier, especially if you’re like us and still suffering from the December food coma. It’s time to get your heads back in the game, we’ve put together some handy tips on how to stay focused and study during the exam period.  

1. Keep active

Taking regular breaks from revision to keep yourself active helps reduce stress and clear your head so you’ll find it easier to focus when you get back to revision. Why not head outside for a walk? There’s some great places around Bristol to enjoy the fresh air.

2. Avoid distractions

Turn off your phone when revising, or at the very least, put it on silent to avoid being distracted by notifications. If you hear it buzz, it’s tempting to check it and this will take your mind away from revision. Try to avoid keeping social media tabs open on your laptops too, your time will be much more productive without the distraction and you’ll feel a lot more focused.

3. Make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing

It may sound silly, but research shows that if you have nice things to look at, you’re more likely to be productive. So jazz up your room with some flowers, candles, or set up your revision area with a view out of your window. Apparently looking at cute puppies is also good for your wellbeing and focus, so this is for you…

4. Sleep

Make sure you are getting a good night sleep during the exam season, if you’re tires then revision will be a waste of time as you’re less likely to focus and retain information. Most people are also more productive in the mornings, so avoid the late night study sessions and get an early night in, you’ll feel better for it the next day.

5. Eat breakfast

People who eat breakfast tend to be more focused and do better than those who don’t. Fuel your brain with some healthy high-fibre foods and fruit first thing in the morning and you’ll ace those exams! Just don’t go getting a MacDonald’s breakfast each day, as tempting as it may be…

6. Set yourself goals

Set yourself goals of how long and what topics you will study each day, not only is this a more effective way of using your time but if you stick to them you’ll feel much more productive and positive at the end of each day.

7. Socialise!

Okay, so we don’t necessarily mean go out with your friends until 4am kind of socialising…but social interaction is good for your mental wellbeing and in return, can help you focus when it comes to revising. Don’t shut yourself away for the whole of the exam period, set aside time to relax and enjoy yourself with friends.  

If you need someone to talk during the exam period, or you're struggling with anything, pop into the Advice Centre at The Students' Union at Frenchay, they're always happy to provide support and listen.