LGBT Plus History Month: events, allyship and trans inclusivity

This year, the LGBT+ Society, UWE Feminist Society and The Students' Union brought together a cross-campus program of events around the theme of Allyship. We invited the UWE community to #ShowYourTrueColours and join us in a month of celebration, education and awareness. This included free filmsHIV fast testing, workshops on gender & intersectionality, discussions about pinkwashingarts & LGBT+ resistanceBisexual Visibility, queer history monologues and an LGBT+ takeover of Lock In! As well as an incredible reading & resources list produced in collaboration with UWE Library.

Our main goal this February was to invite UWE students to #ShowYourTrueColours, encouraging LGBT+ students to be proud of who they are, and to not be afraid to express themselves at university. We achieved this through launching our Ally Campaign. This meant bringing together student representatives and staff members from across the university in a show of solidarity for the LGBT+ community, promoting the idea that you don’t have to be a member of the community to support it. 

None of these events could have been possible without the incredible work of the LGBT+ Society Committee and members. They managed to come up with a broad range of activities to ensure that there was something for everyone this month. Together, with Marianna, The Students’ Union National, Faith & Identity Societies Coordinator, we have had a more diverse and well organised LGBT+ History Month than ever. It’s important that we appreciate the work put into this month, as it is important that the students here raise awareness of the issues faced and milestones achieved by the LGBT+ community from UWE and beyond. 

Trans awareness & Gender neutral toilets on campus

As LGBT+ Officer I have become very involved in the conversation on trans student rights. After The Student Wellbeing Survey revealed 98% of trans students have suffered from mental health issues, I felt it important to facilitate trans students’ needs and make their university experience easier. 

Therefore during February, I have also started liaising with the UWE facilities team through The Students’ Union to establish more gender neutral toilets in the university. At present, the only gender neutral toilets exist in The Students’ Union building and the new X Block. The university has agreed to change any single cubicle gendered toilets around the university into gender neutral toilets. They have also committed to building gender neutral toilets into all new buildings.

As part of the LGBT+ Month campaign and the theme of allyship - working with the university we have developed Trans Awareness posters to be put in toilets across all three campuses. We are encouraging students to respect others’ privacy, identity and continue as normal if they are questioning someone’s right to use a specific bathroom. 

This is important because transitioning students may find it hard to adjust to using their preferred gender toilets. This may be due to fear of judgement. Having a bathroom accessible to either gender is a safer option. We are doing everything we can to make the environment for students’ transitions as comfortable as possible.