Pre-Hospital Simulation Society

The Pre-Hospital Simulation Society invited staff from The Students’ Union at Glenside to one of their meetings.

As someone who works at Glenside one day a week at The Students’ Union with no health-care experience I was really interested to go along and see what our students do. For those of you who (like me) have no idea what pre-hospital simulation means, it is about running mock-ups of scenarios Paramedic students see out on the road. The scenario you saw was Advanced Life Support (or ALS) which is the top standard of treatment for patients whose hearts are not beating effectively, and who are therefore in Cardiac Arrest.

Although the whole ALS module is taught in 2nd year, some of the individual skills such as placing an artificial airway, or using apparatus to breathe for the patient, are skills taught in 1st year. In the ALS scenarios, 3rd year students consolidated their skills by teaching and assisting the more junior year groups.

The committee showed us round as students practiced simulations in groups made up of students from each year. It was impressive to see them in action with all the equipment and working together.

Seeing UWE Bristol students come together to work and learn, as well as being so enthusiastic about what they do, made me proud to work for The Students’ Union supporting such great students.

If you’re want to find out more, you can join their facebook group to ask questions and you can buy your membership here: