Rep Of The Month March

Rep of the Month Award is part of our drive to reward and recognise our Student Reps. This award is given to a Rep who has gone above and beyond their duties to bring issues to the attention of staff, make positive changes and engage students in their academic experience.

March’s Rep of the Month is Henry Bisset. Henry is a first year Drama student studying within the department of Film and Journalism on City Campus - Bower Ashton. Although Henry is new to the University and the role of Student Rep, he has stood out as a real student champion and had an impressive impact within his course, department and faculty. 

There are always barriers in anything that you do, including being a Student Representative. Whether it is being scared of what the role is, fear of the time commitment or confidence; barriers certainly exist. Henry has however pushed those barriers to one side, put his hand up, bussed from campus to campus, stepped into meetings on short notice and engaged with students and staff at all levels. 

At the start of the year we asked Henry what he wanted to personally gain from becoming a student rep. Henry said:

“I feel that it will give me more experience in working and communicating with large groups of people which will be crucial in the area of work I want to pursue, namely theatre with a focus towards directing.”

We think that after Henry stepped up with 24 hours’ notice to present the results of a faculty wide survey in March, he now clearly has “more experience in working and communicating with large groups of people”. 

Henry's ability to engage with the student population is nothing short of inspiring. Keep up the good work Henry!