Varsity Needs You

This year, we’re committed to making Bristol Varsity the biggest and best in Europe! It’s important to us that it grows and develops with student led sport at its heart – which is why we need you to get involved!

This year, we’re giving you all the opportunity to bid for your very own standalone Varsity event! Do you have an idea of an event that your sports team or society could host? Let us know by submitting a request for it to be included in next year’s Varsity Series.

By the end of this academic year, we aim to have a completely student led series in place for 2018 – 19. Not only will this allow teams who haven’t  experienced a Varsity event before to do so, it will also ensure greater equality, as irrespective of whether your sport or activity has had an event since the 90’s, or never had one before – we’ll be asking everyone to go through the same bidding process.

Any ideas are allowed – big or small, as long as your university counterpart is on board and it’s possible to make it happen, we will!

The sky’s the limit – so what are you waiting for! Make Varsity your own.

Key Dates:

Varsity Series 2018-2019         

  • 01.03.18 - 25.03.18 - Varsity Series standalone event process
    • Open & launch
    • Informal meetings available with elected officers
  • 26.03.18 - 19.04.18 - Shortlisting completed & invitations out for presentation
  • 23.04.18 - 27.04.18 - Presentations
  • 08.05.18 - Series calendar submitted to Board for approval
  • 08.06.18 - 2018-2019 Series Confirmed




Varsity Dates


24.09.18 - 14.12.18

01.10.18 - 21.12.18

01.10.18 – 14.12.18


21.01.19 - 12.04.19

28.01.19 - 18.04.19

28.01.19 – 12.04.19