Varsity: Team UWE celebrating success in sporting events

The Varsity 2017/18 series is well underway and Team UWE have been celebrating a number of successes.

Friday Night Lights took place on a very cold Super Bowl weekend where UWE Bullets were triumphant in the American Football, remaining undefeated in the history of the UWE/UOB Varsity Series. Our Lacrosse teams also battled hard but unfortunately it was UOB who took home the trophies.

The Netball Varsity (the first time it’s ever been a stand-alone event) was held at SGS on Sunday 11 February and was a great event, with almost 200 people coming down to support Team UWE, who were victorious in both the alumni and 1st team games.

The next event to get involved in is the Big Colour Run which is taking place on Saturday 3 March at Coombe Dingle, tickets are £10 which includes a T-shirt and some snazzy sunglasses.

Get tickets here.

Also, if you want to watch an exciting sporting spectacle, the Varsity Basketball is on 18 March and is one not to be missed! Tickets available here.