Why you should donate to Bristol Big Give

Bristol Big Give is an annual recycling campaign to encourage students to donate any unwanted items to charity.

Run between UWE Bristol, Bristol University and Bristol City Council, the campaign raised £250,000 for charity last year, with almost 144 tonnes of donated items from students.

The funds raised go to vital work amongst local and national charities, including the British Heart Foundation. It’s tied in with moving out time for students, to encourage any unwanted items to be donated instead of thrown away, saving them from landfill and encouraging more sustainable behaviour, whilst raising money for charity.

Three reasons why you should donate

1. Raise money for charity

With funds raised going towards the British Heart Foundation, you can donate towards vital research into preventing heart disease just by donating your unwanted items.

2. Saves landfill

By donating all of your items instead of throwing them away, you’ll save them from ending up in landfill and contributing to the growing greenhouse gas emissions. So not only will you be saving the environment, you’ll also be donating items to local charity shops for others to enjoy!

3. Helps you move out

It’s a handy way to get rid of your unwanted items, from clothes to kitchenware, food, sports equipment, books and more, you can dump all your clutter in one of the handy donation points around campus and Bristol instead of lugging it all to the tip yourself.

The donation bins are placed outside all halls of residence on campus and across the city, find your nearest off campus donation point and check out what items can and can’t be donated here. If you’re struggling to decide what to donate, check out the handy flow chart below!