3 Trophies for Snowsports as Kings League draws to a close

Kings Ski Club 15-16 Trophies

Other than BUCS events and a few freestyle competitions, Kings Ski Club is the most important event for university snowsports.

Final League Standings

1st Mixed Ski Team - 3rd Place

2nd Mixed Ski Team - 8th Place

Ladies Ski Team - 3rd Place

Snowboard Team - 3rd Place

Kings Trophies

How it Happened

Ski Teams

This year has seen the largest ever squad of racers, due in part to the increased amount of training and the continuation of the highly popular weekly £5 training sessions at Gloucester. Experienced racers Benjamin Fluck and Simon Venn were highly capable of leading the team, and were supported by a deep squad of high quality racers, all of which had never raced before starting at UWE; a testament to the training program now in place in the club. UWE looked strong throughout the season, despite often missing key racers, which showed that those in the 2nds were more than capable of making the step up when the time came. Only Bath and Bristol, teams liberally garnished with GB racers, were able to shut UWE out. Fiona Baldwin and Jacob Rutter deserve a special mention after faultless performances in their 1st team debuts at the last round of the season.

The second team placed 8th in the league, a new record, and a place which has earnt them a spot at national finals. What is particularly impressive is that they were able to finish ahead of four 1st teams; Oxford Brookes, Swansea, Plymouth and Aberystwyth, who have all failed to earn a spot at finals!

The ladies team has had another highly successful season, again shut out by only Bristol and Bath. The number of female competitors in the club has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and the club holds a ladies night each semester to attract more women into competitive sport. Katherine Terris introduced a second ladies team for the first time, and racers Clementine Leaver and Clare McGuire were able to progress from that team to the ladies 1st's for the final round to ensure a podium finish.

Snowboard Team

UWE have a growing snowboard squad captained by four time BUCS gold medallist Christian Forster. First year Ben Mayes has adapted to dry slope racing well, and second year Mark Chesser has shown himself to be a quality racer this season after making big improvements since his first year. Many consider the UWE board team to be the strongest in the league, and they were able to win rounds 1 and 3. It was therefore very unfortunate in the final round when they lost one race and had disqualifications in a further two, leading to a 6th place finish on the day, and leaving them with only 3rd place in the league rather than the 1st they were looking for.

List of Competitors


Luke Limbach
Katherine Terris
Samuel Liquorish
David Marsden
Benjamin Fluck
Simon Venn
Samuel Liquorish
Theo Duthoit
Fiona Baldwin 
Daniel Dumville
Scarlett Oliver
Jacob Rutter
Will Jermyn
Jessica Barlow
Timothy Murray
James Brown
Harriet Hill
Clare McGuire
James Glaves
Oliver Hooper
Hannah Marsh
Samuel Whatling
Clementine Leaver



Christian Forster
Mark Chesser
Harry Alcott
Benjamin Mayes
Luke Barton
Samuel Ogden
Henry Stone
Tom Moriarty


UWE Snowsports are always looking for new competitors in all categories. Whether you are experienced at racing or freestyle, or just a competent skier looking to train for your first competition, please get in touch with info@uwesnowsports.com for more info.