Accommodation support for UWE Bristol students

Bristol is significantly growing as the years go by and the demand for accommodation increases with the population. At times, it can be quite a struggle for students to find private accommodation, as they’re competing with the wider Bristol population and some landlords prefer having professionals as tenants to students.

One of my manifesto points was to look into ways of finding better opportunities for students when searching for accommodation. I am happy to announce that The Students’ Union is in partnership with Studentpad, and an accommodation website has been created for UWE Bristol Students. Currently, there are over 300 rooms available on the website, so students can start checking them out for accommodation for the next academic year 20/21

Studentpad is the number one platform for finding student accommodation in your city with modern, fast, and user-friendly databases for student housing. They currently serve over 100 higher education institutions throughout the UK and counting. So, if you are looking for rooms in private student houses, on-campus, or your own flat, you’ll find it on your local Studentpad site.

These properties have gone through several checks to make sure they are safe and conducive for our students, to give you the best experience possible. You can search all of the available properties here.

It is evident that finding a guarantor can be a headache sometimes, especially if you have no one willing to stand in for you. At the moment, there is a guarantor scheme in which the university has partnered up with “YourGuarantor” to provide a guarantor for international students. So if you’re an international student who may need a guarantor, check out the UWE website to find out more about this scheme.

However, there are other groups of students who are still in need of a guarantor and discussions are happening on how the university could support these groups of students. More information will be given as progress is made.

If you have any enquires, feel free to drop me an email on or