August Report

To all you new students, welcome to UWE Bristol, for everyone returning, welcome back!

I trust everyone has had an awesome summer and is eagerly bouncing for Fresher’s like a big bouncy thing!

Over the summer I have attended training courses, conferences and engaged with prospective students in order to develop positive change this academic year, both locally and nationally in order to enhance your student experience.

If you have signed up to be a Freshers' Rep this year then you will be seeing a lot of me (Lucky you!).

As part of my aim to make Students’ Union more sustainable; I liaised with bar management about their menu. Not only is there now more vegetarian and vegan options but it is now easier to choose healthier options with the new less than 500 calories mark.

I pitched an idea to Steve West the Vice Chancellor of UWE Bristol, to do campuses walk-arounds to engage with students who many not normally engage with me or the VC. We did our first one in August and spoke to many students who were enabled to give feedback directly to the top.

Furthermore I have liaised with UWE Travel Plan to launch a campaign during Freshers to encourage students to take the earlier busses to get free tea, coffee and pastries in order to ease congestion at busy times.

I also want to promote students to cycle to uni because it is a simple, cost-effective step to the sustainable future of The Students’ Union – not to mention a healthy lifestyle. I would like to gather feedback from cyclists to find out what the University could be doing better and if there are any barriers to students cycling today.

In the near future we will be video blogging to keep you posted throughout the year so keep an eye out to keep in the know!

What you can expect from me this year? I will work hard for you, I will play hard with you, and we will make 2016/17 the best year that UWE has ever seen!

Big love