Become a Student Rep

Representation at The Students' Union

With the academic year getting underway, your lecturers will be putting the feelers out and giving students the chance to be elected to be a Student Rep.

What is a Student Rep?

The role of a Student Rep is to represent your fellow students on your course and in your year of study, to discuss their ideas and feedback with your course team and The Students’ Union and to champion and be involved in projects regarding student voice.

Why become a Student Rep?

Among many things, Student Reps conduct research, attend conferences, make changes to and improve modules, lead and attend focus groups and create video content to promote themselves as reps.

Student Reps at UWE grow in confidence exponentially within the role. Being a Student Rep opens doors to new opportunities and experiences as well as enabling you to increase and diversify your skillset.

Skills you will gain

- Running campaigns

- Social media skills

- Presenting information impartially

- Engaging with stakeholders at different levels

- Team work

- Formal meeting experience

- Familiarity with Higher Education processes

How do I fit it all in?

Student Rep work is flexible around your studies and generally will only take up a couple of hours each month.

If this sounds like the role for you, then speak to you lecturer and listen out for when they are doing the in class election.


What should I do if I have been elected in class but not been told what to do?

Contact the Student Representation team at The Students' Union and we'll let you know the process 


When is the deadline to upload my info?

The deadline for elected reps to upload their info is Friday 5 October, this is so that we can get you trained befor ethe first round of meetings.


We can’t wait to work with you this year,

The Student Representation team