Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month

Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month

Last month, The Students’ Union celebrated Black History Month with a Global Majority Campaign.

It was the first time that committee members of national, faith and identity societies have gathered to collaborate in hosting a series of events. We decided to call it a ‘Global Majority Campaign’ in order to ensure students from a range of diverse backgrounds could feel adequately represented. It was our aim to maximise participation and ensure we were encouraging students of all ethnicities to engage in the celebration. I was extremely proud of the campaign and its results, especially considering we were working without precedent and many of the events were organised by student volunteers and various society committee members.

Students gathered to discuss how racism and colonialism has manifested itself in modern times during the ‘Unpicking Contemporary Racism’ event and were given the opportunity to discuss possible prejudices within the Muslim community in a ‘Being Black and Muslim’ event. The ‘Women of Colour in Music’ event gathered women from various backgrounds to participate in an interpretive dance workshop and discuss their experience. Not only this, but ‘The Afro Caribbean Dynasty Showcase’ gathered over 100 attendees to witness a series of sensational performances delivered by members of the ACS society. These are just a few examples of the events which were led by panel speakers and performers organised by the NFI Societies Coordinator Marianna Musset and Zain Choudhry.

Black History Month is not only a month to consider and appreciate what inspirational black figures have accomplished over history, but a time where people of colour should feel empowered to discuss their future, project their voice and unapologetically celebrate their existence and contributions to society. In essence, the Global Majority Campaign is our response to this national movement, where we can ensure the students who make an indispensable contribution to the make-up of our university are not marginalised or silenced. I, along with all of the other Presidents, am proud of this campaign because it is the kind of legacy we should be leaving behind for others to follow.  

Throughout November, Zain Choudhry is running an anti-Islamophobia Campaign; I Am Bristol: A City United Against Islamophobia. Please look at and follow the events happening during November here.