Cables and Cameras

Gary Thompson, a filmmaking student, is helping create a community within Bristol called Cables and Cameras. This community is creating a platform for BME filmmakers to show and develop their work. He has been running film nights for over a year at The Cube Cinema, at the heart of Bristol’s Stoke Croft art quarter, which showcases a range of films as well as creating a network of collaboration and debate for Bristol filmmakers.

Many events have taken place through Cables and Cameras, from an outdoor screening of the first St Paul’s Carnival at the fiftieth Carnival, on the side of the house to screenings at the We the Curious.

A key area which Cables & Cameras focuses on, is furthering the skills and ideas of everyone who attends. One way in which they do this is through guess speakers which help further the knowledge of the attendees of the events. These talks are to help inspire and give advice on different areas of the industry with talks about television and film. In addition to these talks, they further the skills of the BME filmmakers through tips and ideas of how to improve their camera work as well as showing different technologies to help the filmmakers advance the quality of their pieces.


In the short time which Cables and Cameras has come to fruition it has grown massively. Gary Thompson has plans for the future of this community. Not only does he have aims for the year of having a full day of workshops to inspire and create new work but, he also wants to create a film festival within Bristol for BME filmmakers. Gary Thompson has surely created a wonderful community for all within Bristol.

If you’re interested in attending and taking part you can contact Gary via; Facebook or Twitter.