Capture the moment...

We are excited to launch this years’ photo trail challenge #MyUWESelfie.

What we want you to do...

Send photos into us of you doing various activities, with different people and with different objects!

The aim of this competition is to enable new students to explore Bristol, have fun and most importantly win prizes!

There are no rules on the size of a team, do all twenty yourself or round up your flat and get them all involved – however be sure to fit everyone in the photo!

Entries must be submitted by 21:00 on Monday 24 September.  


Submissions to be sent via email to, to the Student Reps Facebook page or by using the hashtag on social media and stating the team name.

The points system is as follows:

Bonus points: The photo containing the most people, 10 points for every person.

50 points for the best costume in a photo

20 points for the best photo in each category

10 points for every of the following included in a shot:

  • Yellow umbrella
  • Pink shirt
  • Welcome Rep
  • The Students’ Union logo

100 points for each of the following (categories):

  • Take a selfie with The Students’ Union Presidents (banner or in person)
  • Make a human pyramid and take a photo. (10 extra points per person)
  • Take a photo containing something beginning with U
  • Take a photo containing something beginning with W
  • Take a photo containing something beginning with E
  • Go to The Students’ Union Office and create a UWE
  • TEAM UWE clothes with you posing representing a sport
  • Pose with a statue
  • Take a mirror selfie in the planetarium
  • Take a picture of some street art
  • Take a photo of a welcome pack on campus
  • Do your best yoga pose in front of a bridge
  • Photograph the people you live with outside your accommodation
  • Join in an event a take a photo to document it

 We can’t wait to see all of your entries, stay safe and most importantly have fun with it!

The Rep Team