Christmas With Ahmd

You might wonder what was the reason behind this event. Being away from home myself for the second Christmas in a row made me know how it feels to spend such a day on your own; whether you celebrate it or not.

Having company is always good if you need it, but also finding somewhere to open to go the Christmas day is good, isn’t it?

We had some games; PlayStation, board games, card games and ping pong plus the pool tables. We also watched Christmas movies such as Home Alone and Star Wars (I'd never seen it before, I know it’s bad, isn’t it?)

Apart from the selfies, food and games we had, I also enjoyed seeing many students coming down and having fun at least for a part of the day and leaving with a smile on their face.

Making people happy is a pleasure and helping others makes you feel great, but also it builds our community and values our diversity.

If you have missed Christmas with Ahmd, you still can make to Easter with Ahmd...

Happy New Year with much love and best wishes.