Feel Good at Bower Ashton

During the month of February, The Students’ Union ran a broad range of Feel Good events to support students with their wellbeing at what is known to be a difficult month, when people are more likely experience depression and low mood.

Aside from our usual Off the Wall programme of yoga and pilates, we were also pleased to welcome Neil from Positively Mindful for a mindfulness workshop.  Neil took staff and students through some mediation and grounding exercises, both useful tools to help us de-stress and stay in the moment. We also ran a workshop with Lisa from My Body Positive which focussed on our relationship with food. This workshop helped to encourage us to develop a mindful and guilt free relationship with food.

For a bit of escapism we were also delighted to have the excellent improvised theatre group, Instant Wit, perform in The Students’ Union bar.  Their comedy sketches, surreal situations and bawdy songs made for a very fun evening which was greatly enjoyed by the audience of students and staff. We hope to welcome them back for a comedy workshop later in the year, so look out for this on our website.

In May, we continued on our Feel Good theme with UWE Says Relax. We ran a smoothie bike in The Students’ Union bar with our VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson.  We also brought back Neil from Positively Mindful for another mindfulness workshop since this was well received in February. Please look out for further mindfulness workshops this October.

If you would like to see any other types of wellbeing activity at City Campus please do let us know.  You can pop by and give you feedback in person to Amy or Josie in The Students’ Union office or email the SUbower@uwe.ac.uk