Home to Vote Travel Bursary

The Students’ Union is of the belief that students should be able to participate in democracy of all levels. This includes being able to access the ballot box, wherever they are from.

The current case being the Repeal the 8th vote in Ireland. Electoral Law in the Republic of Ireland states that an individual can accept a political donation of up to €126.97 (£110) before they have to register as a third party.

Sexual and reproductive healthcare is vital and students should not be priced out of the opportunity to vote.

As such:

  • The Students’ Union will hold an emergency fund in line with NUS mandated political situations to go towards travel costs
  • The Students’ Union will provide a total value of £200 for the bursary, where students can apply for up to £55
  • NUS will match-fund towards the bursary up to £55 for each student
  • Students will be able to receive up to a total of £110 towards travel costs
  • This money, from both The Students’ Union and NUS, will be finite and will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • The fund will be available to students regardless of how they intend to vote
  • Students can apply for the bursary through our website

If you wish to apply for a Home to Vote Travel Bursary, the following criteria apply:

  • You must be registered as a current UWE Bristol student and a full member of The Students’ Union
  • You must be able to provide proof of your eligibility to vote in the referendum. You can check your eligibility at www.checktheregister.ie. Please attach a form of documentation, such as screenshot, with your application. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected
  • Each student can apply for a bursary of up to £110. This is in accordance with NUS guidelines and electoral law in the Republic of Ireland, which states an individual can accept a political donation of up to €126.97 (£110) before having to register as a third party
  • A total of £200 have been set aside to support students’ travel. This funding will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful
  • The closing date for applications is Tuesday 22 May 12:00. If all funds are allocated before this date, the applications will close sooner. We will notify students of this at the soonest opportunity
  • The bursary can be used towards flights or ferries between the UK and Ireland. Any additional onward travel will be covered by the applicant.
  • You must indicate the specific flights or ferries you wish to travel on (you may also list alternative dates and times if you wish), as well as the estimated cost of travel at the time of your application
  • Where the cost of travel does not exceed the maximum bursary amount, applicants should complete the “full bursary” section of the application form. If the application is successful, The Students’ Union will book tickets on your behalf. In doing so, we will purchase the lowest fare available to maximise the number of students who can access the bursary. For flights, this will most likely mean you will only be able to take hand luggage, in accordance to regulations of individual airlines
  • The Students’ Union accepts no liability if travel costs rise and exceed the bursary threshold between application submission to it being processed
  • Applicants are advised that the core working hours for administrative staff at The Students’ Union will be between 10:00 and 16:00, Monday – Friday
  • In the event of travel costs exceeding the maximum threshold for an individual applicant, the applicant will be required to book their own tickets. You can subsequently apply for your travel costs to be subsidised by a maximum of £110
  • Applicants seeking subsidised travel should complete the relevant section of the application form, before submitting it along with proof of purchase by the closing dates for applications listed above. If proof of purchase if not provided and/or the application is submitted after the close of applications, it will be rejected. Allocations of subsidised funding is dependent on the availability of funds at the time the applications is received. As such, The Students’ Union cannot guarantee that applications of this kind will be successful
  • The Students’ Union will aim to process successful applications for subsidised funding within 2 working days. To do so, we may request relevant banking information
  • The Home to Vote Travel Bursary cannot be used retrospectively to cover travel costs the applicant has already incurred


To apply for a Home to Vote Travel Bursary, please complete the form below and return to: supresident@uwe.ac.uk before 12:00 on Tuesday 21 May. 

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