How to Manage Exam Season and Revision Stress

Managing exam season stress

With exam season fast approaching after the Christmas period, this can be an anxious and stressful time. As well as making sure you are studying and preparing for your exams and assessments in the New Year, it’s also really important to look after yourself. 

We understand that revision and exams are not a fun time of the year, however, establishing an effective and balanced work schedule can make the whole experience a little less traumatic.

Check out our top tips to keep you stress-free and calm in the build up to your exams:

1. Get started nice and early

It’s never too soon to start revision. The more prepared you feel on exam day, the calmer you will be. Make sure you know what material you need to know for each subject and draw yourself up a study timetable, giving yourself a realistic amount of time for each topic.

2. Find a revision technique

Don’t just read through text books, summarise and make notes. Making flash cards and posters with key things to remember is a good way of summarising what you need to know and you can leave them in strategic places for you to look over each day or take with you on travel journeys

3. Have a work/life balance

Make sure you give yourself time out. Take regular breaks, give yourself a day off where you go and see friends or spend time with your family – it’s good to give your brain a breather and will help you refocus when you come back to work.

4. Try studying with friends

Give working in a small group a go, it can provide a bit of light relief as well as giving you the chance to talk about the topics you are revising. Set yourself goals though to make sure you don’t end up sitting there for hours catching up on gossip and wasting valuable revision time.

5. Speak to someone

If you’re not coping and finding it all too stressful, speak to someone. Let your tutor know how you are feeling or pop into The Students’ Union Advice Centre for a confidential chat – it’s better to get it off your shoulders and get help.

If for any reason you feel you might need to submit personal circumstances, please don't hesitate to contact the Advice Centre to discuss how to do this.

Above all, remain positive.