Making the Switch

5 reasons why we love menstrual cups


Did you know that the average person who menstruates spends £3500 on menstrual products in their lifetime? Switching to a reusable menstrual cup can alleviate many of these costs. At The Students’ Union Shops across three campuses (yeah, that’s right people – Frenchay, Bower Ashton, and Glenside!), we now have lunette cups on offer for £9.95 (RRP of £24.90 – what a bargain!) Seeing as how the average menstrual cup lasts for TEN YEARS, that is hundreds saved!

If you are struggling to afford menstrual products, please arrange a visit to The Students’ Union where we will find a solution for you.




Less Wasteful

Want to make a positive impact on the environment? Switching to reusable period products can make a significant dent into the waste we produce annually. Did you know that 200,000 tonnes of waste is produced each year in the UK by throwing away menstrual products? A reusable and friendly alternative to this is (you guessed it) a menstrual cup! They are made from surgical grade silicone which is why they are durable and can last so long. With proper care, you will be slimming down your negative impact on the environment by making a simple change!


Less Changing Required

You can leave your menstrual cup in for up to 12 hours! That is almost four times longer than you are able to leave a tampon in. That means less time out of your day spent on freshening up, allowing yourself the opportunity to clean the cup in a place that is comfortable. Oh, and by the way, there is almost no risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) whilst using a cup – this is because the cup is non-absorbent and doesn’t have added chemicals like tampons do.



Leak Free

One of my favourite things about the cup is that it is leak free! When it is inserted, a special technique creates a suction therefore eliminating any possible leaks! It might take a try or two to get this technique down, but it is very simple to execute and there are loads of tutorials online to help you through the process. Not confident? There is also such a thing as reusable pads/liners! Although we do not currently stock those at The Students’ Union, they can be purchased at Zero Green on North Street in the city centre.





Many people may experience discomfort when switching to the cup, similar to when one first switches to a tampon. However, with some practice, once it’s in you can’t feel it at all! That’s right! You can go on living your normal life, doing your normal day to day activities (even swimming) without being able to tell that you’ve got a menstrual cup in. This combined with the fact that it is leak free, odourless, can be left in longer, less wasteful, and cheaper – it’s a no brainer! Make the switch this month!



Still have questions? Send us an email or arrange a meeting with one of our period experts - everything will be kept strictly confidential!


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