Meet some of your Lead Department Reps and see how they have been working to improve your experience

Lead Department Reps are individuals, who represent their Faculties and Departments and lead specific campaigns aimed at improving your student experience.

Here’s what some of your Lead Department Reps have been up to!

Megan: Lead Department Rep, Health and Social Sciences

Megan, from Health and Social Sciences, has been working hard over the past two years to implement some positive changes in her department and in UWE. Megan, alongside a brilliant team of Department Reps, has made many students’ wishes a reality, including the permanent inclusion of vegan milk in OneZone, the earlier release of timetables (an ongoing project), and she also lobbied for improved employability which has led to the appointment of a Sandwich Year Co-Ordinator.

On top of all of these things, she is a champion for student mental health; after attending the Mental Wealth Strategy last November, she campaigned for a proactive approach to student mental health in a recent LTESC meeting.?


Will Malcher: Lead Department Rep, Nursing and Midwifery

A champion for change and inclusivity at UWE, Will Malcher, a Nursing, and Midwifery student, has used his role as a Rep to organise inter-professional working for UWE students with Bristol University and has set up a Facebook page to receive feedback and to enhance the sense of community in his department.

It’s not just his department that Will has been working to improve, but the wider student community too. He has been working with PhD students with the aim of reducing sexual assault at UWE and has also assisted with the issues relating to students’ voices not being heard when setting up societies. Will has been working hard to implement positive change within the University and spends time traveling to Gloucester to represent the student voice and create an inclusive environment for students in his department.


Mia Collins: Lead Department Rep, Business and Management

Mia Collins has been working hard to champion your collective student voice, to

make sure your opinions are heard. After hearing feedback on having to pay for some of the Strategic Management case studies, Mia voiced your opinions and ensured feedback was not only passed onto senior staff but was resolved in just a few weeks. Mia’s work has meant that students now receive food vouchers for an on-campus meal, to reimburse the cost of case studies.

This isn’t the only area of the student experience Mia has been dedicated to. It was also brought to Mia’s attention that due to the depth of dissertations, markers were feeling the pressure of ensuring best practice. To ensure all final year students were able to voice your opinion, a Facebook group was set up to get your feedback, which was passed onto staff.


Lilly Liu: Lead Department Rep, Accounting, Economics and Finance

Lilly has been working hard to implement some positive changes in her department.

Following feedback that some students’ were finding X-block hectic, Lilly worked with the department to book out multiple rooms for the exclusive use of L3 economic students’. These were utilised particularly in the run-up to significant deadlines, including the hand in of dissertations.

Lilly has also been working to promote awareness around the weekly engagement with the community hour. Following your feedback, staff have been able to better hone what these sessions are used for and have worked to create more explicit advertising for these sessions. So look out for this on your timetable, social media and in your lectures.

Here at The Students’ Union, we think all Lead Department Reps are pretty great for championing such great change in their departments!

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