Your presidents share their tips for starting UWE Bristol

Starting university is a new chapter in your life, that will be full of new opportunities. Although it is an exciting time, we know that it can also be overwhelming and full of information and decisions.

Your Presidents are on hand to pass on their wisdom and give you some top tips for starting UWE Bristol.


What advice would you give to those starting UWE Bristol?

Precious, President “Make the most of your first year, don’t let anyone convince you that it doesn’t count, because it does! Learn to manage your workload and always save and backup your work! I would suggest using your mobile calendar to help with time management, but whatever works well for you!” Also, make friends, but don’t be afraid to be selective with the kind of friends you keep too. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Also, be friends with your lecturers and keep in touch. You will need those references later!”

Jane, VP Education “Be yourself and always remember where you have come from and where you what to be in the future.”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “Everyone is in the same position as you, so make sure to make the most of it, even if this just means chilling with flatmates or wandering around campus.”


What advice would you give to an international student starting UWE Bristol?

Precious, President “Don’t be afraid to speak up if nothing makes sense! It’s okay to be confused in a new environment. Find places in Bristol that remind you of home, as this limits the possibility of getting homesick. Join a sports club or society and make friends! Learn to be open to all of the different cultures at UWE Bristol and get involved with the language support services at the Global Centre. Plan your finances and lastly, stay committed to your goal and always remember why you are here.”

Jane, VP Education “Make the best out of this opportunity, network, make lifelong friends and be adventurous. Above all, YOU GOT THIS!!”


What tips would you give to someone starting UWE Bristol?

Precious, President “Get involved with societies that you are interested in and make new friends. Also, learn to budget and cook! The Students’ Union has some great tips, to get your cooking journey off the ground, you can check them out here.”

Jane, VP Education “The Library should be your best friend!”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “Make the most of the ‘Give it a Go’ events and society welcome events. You get to try out a whole bunch of activities for free with no commitment!”


Why should people attend the Freshers’ Fair?

Precious, President “It’s a great opportunity to grab loads of freebies, make new friends and find out what the various societies and sports clubs actually do.”

Jane, VP Education “It’s an opportunity to make friends.”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “Freebies and fun! It’s a great opportunity to see what societies and sports clubs are on offer. You could find a whole new group of friends or a new passion!”


Why should people get involved with The Students’ Union?

Precious, President “It’s a platform for you to make new friends, build support networks and have your say. You can run for elections, represent the student voice, run campaigns that you are passionate about and give back to the community.”

Jane, VP Education “The Students’ Union is a bigger part of your university life than you might think. We campaign for the rights of our members (YOU) and lobby on key issues by bringing them to the attention of the university and NUS when necessary. Remember, we are here to support you!”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “Because it can enrich your experience in so many ways. A better course, a new friendship group, a job and more come out of engaging with The Students’ Union.”



What is your favourite thing about Bristol?

Precious, President “Bristol is a very vibrant, diverse and multicultural city, with lots of food and activities to get involved in. Some of these include St Pauls Carnival, Bristol Christmas Market, Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Bristol Pride and Love Saves The Day. There is something for everybody! Beautiful locations, such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, festivals and night clubs. Just stay safe!”

Jane, VP Education “It’s a very attractive city, with lots of green spaces, stunning views from places like the Clifton Suspension Bridge and loads of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. The waterfront at the Harbour is stunning and has various places to seat and enjoy a drink.”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “Whether it's food or architecture, there is so much variety! Bristol was founded long ago, but feels like it’s living five years ahead of everyone else! There are a surprising amount of green spaces dotted around the city and a range of nice parks if you know where to look.”


What did you wish you knew before moving to Bristol?

Precious, President “Don’t panic and get the bus app, it’s cheaper than paying by cash!”

Jane, VP Education “Enjoy every moment!”

Evan, VP Societies and Communication “You could live here for ages and still not have explored everything. Get to know where some of the special spots are.”


We also have an Advice Centre on Frenchay Campus, which is on hand to give friendly, non-judgemental and confidential advice. You can drop in, make an appointment or contact an adviser by phone or email. For more information click here

Our Welcome website is also packed full of information to help you prepare for starting UWE Bristol, click here to have a look!