Rent freeze success for next academic year

We are excited to annouce that after a lot of hard work, we have successfully lobbied for UWE Bristol to freeze their accommodation rent prices for the next academic year. The findings from last year's Rent Price Survey, led by VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson, were a driving force behind this change after it showed huge student need for lower rent costs. This is a hige achievement and a great win for all UWE Bristol students who live in on-campus accommodation.

Many other universities are increasing their rent prices by 2 - 3 % this year (some by even more). With the increase in student loan entitlement for the next academic year as well, our fixed rent costs will mean our students have more money back in their pockets. 

This is hopefully just the start of The Students' Union's work around making rent prices more affordable for students, both on and off campus, and it is vital that this remains on the university's agenda. It just goes to show that when we gather the student voice, we can make big wins for our students!