Rep of the Month - December 2018


The Representation Team are delighted to announce that Kate Robertson has been named Rep of the Month.

Kate received the award for excellent research skills and listening to student feedback, which is what we are all about here at The Students’ Union.

As the winner of the coveted prize, she has received: A free rep mug because she is our cup of tea, a free lunch, this literary piece of genius and a shout out to all reps letting them know how cool she is.

Kate hails from Farnborough and is studying Property Development and Planning here at UWE Bristol.

Three fun facts about this superstar are:

As a baby and young toddler, instead of sucking her thumb, she used to suck her big toe.  Kate urges us to emphasise that she was young and no she does not do it any more…

A few years ago Kate qualified as a chef in all kitchen and larder disciplines, but her talent lies with confectionary and patisserie!  She used to do a lot of chocolate and croquembouche making for fun, although she prefers savoury food?!

Everyone seems to think that Kate is quite confident and sociable but really, she loves her own time and a quiet house. Being married to a military man, she secretly loves it when he is away, as she can have the house to herself and spend hours reading and finding hidden coffee shops! Shush… don’t tell him.

Well done again Kate and keep up the great work, you legend!