Starting the Academic Year

Zain Choudhry, President

Welcome to the start of your academic year

The academic year has now started, and what an exciting yet daunting time of the year it is. Planning our schedules, setting morning alarms and getting ready in time to catch the bus (or any other method of transport that you use) – it’s all part of the experience of starting university.

Whether you are a new student or a returning one, we all still have a role to play to ensure that we make the most of our time at university, leaving a positive impact behind.

Let's create a positive impact

Coming from a background of being an activist, being passionate about creating positive change for humanity is what sits at the centre of my own core values. My vision as your President this year is for these core values to scope into your own thought processes. Creating and building on platforms and opportunities for you all to get involved with helps pave the way for a better future, not only for yourself, but for those around you too. 

University itself bears many challenges and of course our primary goal and concern is to do our utmost within our own capacities to achieve the best we can academically, but we cannot neglect our humanitarian side. It is this that builds us as people and creates our strong characters.

Always try to remember that you will meet people with different thought processes, different ideas, different psychologies and different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. This is what makes it a beautiful place to be that has diversity embedded within, making it something that we must protect as this is what unites us all. Over 7 billion citizens of the world and almost 30,000 of us who are studying and learning at UWE Bristol, let’s find common ground amongst us so we may all progress alongside each other.

I welcome you to the start of your academic year.