The Student Experience Awards 2019 Shortlist

On Thursday 4 April, the annual Student Experience Awards ceremony will take place at the M-Shed Museum on the Bristol Harbourside.

This event celebrates the hard work, dedication and achievements of both Student Reps and staff from across UWE Bristol, who have worked to enhance the student experience. 

It is sure to be a great evening full of food, drink and of course, awards. Tickets are on sale and can be brought here.

We have received a large number of nominations from across the university and a panel of staff and students have produced the following shortlist. 

NB. – The names and associated faculties of those shortlisted below are based on the submitted nomination data.

Student Awards

The Innovation in Representation Award

Lewis Hare – HAS

Conor Newcombe – FET

Narice O’Brien – FET

Kay Stayner – HAS


The Dedication Award (Undergraduate) * 

Quinn McNeil – FET

Emma Gifford – HAS

Sophie Vickress – HAS 

Tan Wei Hao – FBL

Sidonie Bishop – ACE


The Dedication Award (Postgraduate)

Anastasia Manoloudi – FET

Samantha Trayman – HAS

Alistair Davey – FET



The Inspirational Representative Award

Suleiman Al-Sa'Di  - FET

Jordan Bobbett – ACE

Guy Levinson – FET

Harrison Marcks – FET


The Student Experience Impact Award

George Young - HAS

Dawid Giermak – ACE

Evey Watson – FET

Quincey Lawrence-Bernard – FET


The Leadership Award

Mia Collins – FBL

Chloe Tillson – ACE

William Malcher – HAS

Suleiman Al-Sa'Di – FET


The Vice-Chancellors Award for Representation

William Malcher – HAS

Sam Louwers – FBL

Lewis Hare – HAS

Mia Collins – FBL

Emma Gifford – HAS


Staff Awards

The Non-Academic Staff Award

Emma Hall – HAS

Ross Cundy – ACE

Alisha Airey – HAS

Tom Garne - FET


The Outstanding Teaching Award FET

Samantha Organ  

Francisco Sierra

Budi Chandra

Paul White

Sara-Jayne Williams

Prakash Chatterjee


The Outstanding Teaching Award ACE

Dan Northover

Joshua Williams

Luke Rudge

Hannah Kew

Joe Brown

Marcus Witt


The Outstanding Teaching Award FBL

Ian Janes

Mubarak Mohamud

Gillian Ford

Edward Johnston

Iain Mcdonald


The Outstanding Teaching Award HAS

Jaroslaw Turif

Emmanuel Adukwu

Jane Nolan

Anastasia Karamalidou

William Hill


The Academic Personal Tutor Award

Jayne Hayes HAS

Karan Vickers-Hulse ACE

Virginia Power FET

Julie Taylor HAS


The Teaching for Sustainable Development Award

Svetlana Cicmil – FBL

Mark Everand – FET


Joint Awards


The Teamwork Award

Sam Louwers, Shilan Shah, Noelle Quenivet – FBL

Rea Gill, Dr Nancy Zook & Dr Liz Jenkinson - HAS

Sara-Jayne Williams, Varaidzo Muvindi & Sofya Kipnis - FET

Suleiman Al-Sa’Di and Andy Bourne - FET


The Students’ Union Award for Partnership

Bristol Business School

Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Department of Engineering, Design & Mathematics

School of Art and Design


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* Due to an administrative error one of the nominees was allocated to the wrong award, this has made the shortlisiting less balanced than intended.