The Students’ Union at UWE is number one for sustainability three years in a row!

We are delighted to announce that for the third year in a row, The Students’ Union at UWE has been awarded an ‘excellent’ accreditation rating, and received the ‘Highest Scoring Students’ Union’ award at the NUS’ Green Impact Awards!

The awards are an opportunity to recognise the commitment students’ unions have made to equip students with the skills needed to create a positive change, which helps work towards a more just and sustainable future.

Green Impact responds to the student body’s interest and demand for sustainability. It allows unions to showcase work on areas such as equality, community, curriculum reform and campaigning. The 2018/19 academic year marked the 12th year of the national programme, with 60 unions participating and 1,811 actions taken. This year The Students’ Union at UWE scored a total of 472/500 points, which is a 79% difference from this year’s average score of 264.

We would like to thank all of our colleagues at UWE Bristol for their fantastic support and expertise on our sustainability journey. A big well done goes to all students’ union Presidents and staff for their hard work and continuous commit to improve, and as ever, thank you to our students for challenging us and being part of our journey in helping to create a happier, healthier and more sustainable world.

A full awards list can be found here and to find out more about what we are doing you can visit.

We need you to help us take collective action to help make a big difference for the planet and our future!  If you are a new or returning student there are so many ways that you can get involved with our Green Team, these include joining our Sustainability Committee or getting involved with one of our campaigns. For further information visit.