The Students' Union launch Mental Health Accreditation Scheme for Sports Clubs and Societies

This year a key priority for The Students’ Union is mental health; this is why we are launching a mental health accreditation scheme for our sports clubs and societies. This will run alongside a new ‘Mental Health Champions’ award, which only clubs who have achieved accreditation will be eligible for. 

To achieve accreditation, sports clubs and societies will have to complete at least three of the following activities:

  1. The sports club or societies’ committee should attend The Students’ Union Mental Health Awareness training*
  2. The sports club or society should post on their societies’ social media about their commitment to breaking the mental health stigma, and encourage an open culture about mental health in their club or society
  3. The sports club or society should run a non-alcohol focused social, such as a coffee afternoon, allowing members who may not be able to drink to socialise
  4. The sports club or society should either engage with a mental health campaign run by The Students’ Union, or run their own. This could include supporting University Mental Health Day, or running campaigns within their club to show ‘It’s OK not to be OK’
  5. Fundraise at least £50 for a mental health charity of your choice

*Please note that to achieve the accreditation you must complete The Students’ Union Mental Health Awareness training.

Want to submit your sports club or society for the accreditation?

If you would like to submit evidence to gain the mental health accreditation scheme, please email