The health benefits of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability - you would have heard us mention it a few times. Okay more than a few times but, in the last decade, sustainability has become an increasingly integral part of all of our lives. Here at The Students’ Union, we are not only committed to embedding sustainability into everything that we do, but we are here to make sure you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Take a look at the small lifestyle changes you can make that will have a positive impact on both your health and the planet!

Rent a bike scheme

As a UWE Bristol student, you are able to loan a bike for the academic year. The rental is just £60 and includes a bike, full maintenance for the year, lights and a secure lock.  A deposit of £60 is required and will be returned at the end of the year when the bike is returned, provided it is in good condition. With cycle paths all over Bristol, you’ll not only get from A to B in record time but, you’ll be getting a work out in the process.






Walk to university

There are so many reasons why walking to campus is a great idea, in fact, the list is endless. So, we’ve got it down to three.

  1. You’ll spend less time at the petrol station filling up your car
  2. With high volumes of cars on the road, it could save you time
  3. It will set you right up for the day! A brisk walk is known to boost energy and reduce fatigue






Visit the Community Garden

The Community Garden provides an opportunity for both experienced and new gardeners to grow their own fruit and vegetables for free. By producing your own fruit and vegetables you would be helping to minimise food miles, all while eating really tasty food. It’s also a chance to get outside, soak up some Vitamin D and do some light exercise.








Choose Vegetarian and Vegan food options

By going meat-free a couple of days a week or making a conscious effort to choose meat-free alternatives, you will be contributing to a healthier planet. The livestock sector not only creates a high level of greenhouse emissions but, it also requires a lot of space, meaning a high level of deforestation.

Research has also confirmed that a diet heavy in meat can increase health risks. Choosing meat-free options will therefore not only have a positive effect on the planet but, it may be healthier and could also save you some money.

Hydration Station

By using the Hydration Station for water refills, you’re reducing single-use plastic. If we’ve learnt anything from David Attenborough, it’s that single-use plastic has a big impact on the planet. Not only that but the Hydration station is free, sustainable and the benefits of drinking water are endless. It’s located by The Students’ Union Shop, in Union 1, Frenchay Campus. So, head down to Union 1 and make the most of it!


This article connects to the UN Sustainable Devlopment Goals: