UWE Business Case Competition 2018 Round Up

UWE Business Case Competition

The UWE Business Case Competition (UWE BCC) took place on 2 – 4 November 2018 and focused on the theme 'UWE’s Sustainability 2030'.

The competition was open to all students from all courses, faculties and departments. It involved 15 teams of 4 participating students, 15 student volunteers, 8 academic staff members and a representative of Lloyds Bank in the judging panel. After receiving Sustainability Training, participants went through 24 hours inside the Business building to develop an innovative short-term and long-term business plan or engineering project towards UWE’s Sustainability 2030 with the main concept “UWE’s future of zero carbon emission” in addition to other issues such as food waste, plastics, renewable energy and water consumption.

Comments and feedback:

“Giang and the team went above and beyond to create an engaging and exciting competition. The amount of effort and research that they put into this was unparalleled and there was a great feeling of professionalism throughout. All judges spoke about this independently of the team, and we did not have to want for anything and all questions had been considered and were answered immediately. If anything we have certainly learned a thing or two about staging an event!

The participating teams were splendid and we saw some truly creative and innovative thinking on the day. The presentations were all insightful and original and a pleasure to watch. Participants were in super spirits all the way through, kept going by the fantastic team of dedicated volunteers.” - Dr. Neil Sutherland, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Business Management & Leadership, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies.

 “I have definitely learnt a lot through the experiences. It's a really good way to experience a more professional feeling competition and learn more about sustainability” - anonymous student.