VP Community and Welfare, Augusta, tries out the benefits of sit stand desks!

Following on from recent research undertaken by the University of Leicester (see here) on the benefits of sit-stand desks, we have been lucky enough to have some in The Students’ Union to try out!

It is so easy to spend the majority of your day sat down, whether it is on the bus on the way to campus, sitting in the library completing those deadlines, or sitting on the sofa in the evening, a studying lifestyle can be very sedentary if we are not careful.

While exercise is great when we have time to do it, a day in the office, in my case, can mean a lot of sitting, from answering emails, to going to meetings. So, I decided to try out the benefits of a sit stand desk for myself.

I found that it kept me alert throughout the period of use and I felt very active and most importantly productive. It was not difficult to use as the equipment were at an appropriate level to my height and elbow so it didn’t require adjustments and it seemed as though I was sitting due to the comfort but the height can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. I could also build up on my steps for the day and was more conscious of my surrounding. I didn’t use this for up to an hour but I would definitely try to use this every day and would highly recommend it.   

The benefits of a sit-stand desk include improving your posture, burning more calories and increasing blood flow around your body, in turn increasing your alertness and productivity.

Want to give it a go?

Take a break from sitting in the library for an hour and come along to The Students’ Union to give them a go. We have one down by reception in Union 1 and another in the Upper Engagement Space – so why not come and see how you get on.

Not for you? That’s fair enough! Even just making sure you get up and take regular walks and a break from your studies can have great benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing. Don’t get bogged down by deadlines, look after yourself at the same time!