VP Education successfully lobbies university to address course costs

This year, I have continued to raise awareness of the extra costs that students incur whilst studying at UWE Bristol. After undertaking a piece of research to identify various costs of concern to students, and compiling this into a report, I have lobbied the University to think about what they should do to ensure that they address this significant issue. After working with the University with the evidence based research, I am pleased to announce that they have agreed and pledged to do the following:

  • Making black and white printing free for all students  
  • Ensure there is parity across programmes in ACE and FET, so that students on said programmes receive the £75 credit allowance
  • Undertaking a full review of the learning outcomes for each course and ensure that any costs associated with meeting the learning outcomes for the course are covered by a student’s tuition fee. For example, if there was a compulsory field trip, this would be paid for by the University. If there are materials required to meet the learning outcome, these will be provided by the University, free of charge.
  • Continuing to be transparent in how tuition fees are spent

I'd like to espeically thank CJ Godbold (Lead Department Rep for Art and Design) and Liam Callebout (Level 2 Illustration Student Rep) for their input surrounding Art and Design students and the costs they face.

If you have any further questions or ideas on how we can improve your academic student experience, get in touch with me on vpeducation@uwe.ac.uk