Virtual Freshers’ Fair Q&A

The Virtual Freshers’ Fair is so close we can almost taste the Domino’s discount codes. Now this year’s fair is going to be different from our previous ones, and we know that you may have some questions about how it will work on the day.

We’ve put below a few of the questions that we have received in recent weeks regarding the fair. To make the most of the fair, we would recommend having a browse through these to ensure that you are clued up and good to go!


The Freshers’ Fair is one of our biggest annual Welcome events. It is a chance for you to learn about everything on offer at The Students’ Union and how we can help enhance your time at UWE Bristol.

This year’s fair is going virtual, but it will still have everything that our physical fair normally has. There will be stalls, speakers, competitions, a chance to meet new people and so much more.


We are using the platform Whova for the event. You will need to register for the fair here. Once you have registered for the fair you will receive an email, in this email, there will be a button where you can download the app, do this and you can then create your profile and start getting involved.

You will also receive a separate email that will let you sign in on your desktop. We would recommend doing both!


If this happens, you will need to delete the app from your phone, go back into the confirmation email and click on the link that says ‘download the app’.

From there, you should be able to access the event in the app without entering a code, if you are using the same email address as the one you registered with.


We would suggest using both the mobile app and the desktop version. The mobile app is great for that instant interaction with others and arranging virtual meetups, while your desktop will be great for the stallholders live streams.


Absolutely - that’s the beauty of this year’s fair! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing all students can attend. Whether you’re an international student who hasn’t arrived in the UK yet or you'd like to get involved while lounging around in your pyjamas, the fair is accessible to everyone.


Spend time on the Whova mobile app and desktop platform before the day and make sure that you are comfortable using it. By doing this before the fair, you will find accessing everything on offer a lot easier.

Once you’ve done this, get involved with every section possible! Interact with the exhibitors, attend the Q&A’s, chat to people on the community tab, enter our competitions and make the most of everything on offer to you!


They will! Our sports clubs and societies are amazing and have been working so hard to ensure that you can enjoy everything they have to offer while taking into consideration the ‘new normal’.

Each one will have a stall, and you can interact with them through the chatbox and by attending their live streams. Sports clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and become part of a new community. One thing we are certain of is that you will never regret joining one.


Yes! There are a few ways that you can interact on the day with our stallholders. If you head to their stall in the exhibitor’s section, you will be able to chat to them via the chatbox, or if your query isn’t urgent, you can pop them an email.

A lot of our stallholders will be doing live streams that you can attend. This is also a great way to interact and find out more.


Freshers’ Fair will be live for six months after on the mobile app, and the desktop version is available for three months, so the fun won’t stop on the 9 October.


With Freshers’ Fair being virtual this year, anyone can access it from anywhere. The number of people at Freshers’ can sometimes be daunting, but online, you can go at your own pace and interact as much as you want with other people.

We are also ensuring that Exhibitors turn on closed captions if using Zoom stream sessions so you can read what they are saying. If exhibitors are using Microsoft Teams, all you’ll need to do when entering their chat is click on the three dots, then ‘Turn on Live Captions’.

You can access Whova, on a laptop through a web browser, it doesn’t have to be on a smart phone. It does require a wifi connection. If students are in Bristol, The Students’ Union at UWE at Frenchay and at Glenside are open for students to bring their laptops in order to engage, and the UWE libraries across all campus sites are open.

We will also be recording the speakers sessions, and posting the majority on YouTube or Facebook after the event and the event will be live for six months after the 9 October.

UWE Bristol also has a Digital Capability Scheme. This scheme strives to ensure that all students will be equipped effectively to participate in elements of online learning this year, click here to find out more. 

We have a range of both physical and virtual activities taking place throughout the Welcome period that aim to get you chatting to others. The few weeks at University can be some of the best, but also the hardest times, so make sure that are putting yourself out there and getting involved with everything on offer!

We would like to emphasise, this event isn’t the only opportunity to engage with The Students’ Union, we are here all year round, and please let us know if there are elements we can support you on, or ensure you feel engaged in.

If you need any support during your time at UWE Bristol, please let us know, we have a range of wellbeing services available.


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