Register To Vote

As you may know, there is a chance that the UK will be going to the polls for a snap general election. It is really important that you exercise your right to vote and have your say.

You may not realise, but you will need to register online before you can vote. It’s really simple, and if you’re not sure whether you’ll be in Bristol or at home, you can register to both addresses.

Here are some reasons why should you register to vote.

It’s your right

As a British or qualifying Commonwealth Citizen, you have the right to vote and have your say. If you are unsure if you are eligible to vote, you can check here.

It only takes a couple of minutes

It’s easy, it’s simple and you can do it online.

You should make your voice heard

We all have our own views and opinions, voting gives you a chance to express these and make your voice heard.

Every vote counts

Every vote is crucial and has the power to have a big impact on the future of the country.


Register here