Adopt A Charity Scheme, Fundraising League, Support and Resources - All that you need to fundraise as a Club, Society or Individual.

Fundraise as a Club, Society and Individual

Adopt A Charity Scheme, Fundraising League, Support and Resources - All that you need to fundraise as a Club, Society or Individual.


The Adopt A Charity Scheme is a Club or Societies way of making the most out of fundraising. Not only will you raise loads of money for great causes but you also have the option of fundraising for your Club or Society as well. 

In 2015/16 over 35 Clubs and Societies Adopted A Charity and raised between them over £12,000. You can have a huge impact and we're here to support you. Out of the 15 winners at the Societies Awards Ball, 10 of them had Adopted A Charity showing how beneficial fundraising can be for a society as well as the amazing impact you will have. We're looking into further recognising Club achievements in fundraising at the Sports Ball this year. 

The Adopt A Charity Booklet below will tell you more about how you can fundraise. Don't forget to get in touch with for extra support such as:

  • Contacts in the Union, University and further
  • Guidance on Charity Law (trickier then you might think!)
  • Resources such as tins and buckets
  • Experience in student fundraising
  • Promotion of your activities
  • Potential volunteer support
  • Financial Support such as counting and banking
  • Development and Training
  • Health and Safety
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Being on the Fundraising League
  • A Full Time member of Staff
  • and much more

You don't have to be a Club or Society to Adopt A Charity, you can do it as an:

  • Individual
  • Group of Friends
  • Flat/House/Hall Mates
  • Student Reps
  • Course Mates
  • Course Project Groups
  • and any other combination you think would make an awesome fundraising team. 


THE charity database


In 2015/16 we officially launched the Fundraising League. Throughout the year Societies and Clubs battled it out to top the fundraising league by raising the most money for charity.

Last years Top 5 were:

  1. Islamic Society
  2. Squash
  3. Cancer Research UK Society
  4. Scouts and Guides
  5. Macmillan Cancer Support Society

In 2016/17 the league will be reset and the challenge begins again. The winners will be rewarded. Anyone can top the league so get involved and Adopt A Charity.

More information on the Fundraising League and full details can be found as the link below.

fundraising league champions award

As part of The Students’ Union at UWE’s commitment to fundraising this year the Vice-President Sports and Health is launching a Fundraising League Champions Award to reward the highest fundraising Club at UWE Bristol. The Award fund is £1200 and all Sports Clubs are applicable for that funding.

More details can be found below or here.

more information on club and society fundraising