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This section of our website is designed to cater for members of all our sports clubs and societies. It provides information on everything from how to run for a committee position, committee training details, first aid courses and copies of all forms used by the Students' Union At UWE.

next of kin details

At the start of each Academic Year, students are required to complete their Next of Kin details before they are able to join any of our Sports Clubs or Socieites. Here is some guidance on how to complete these details, please share this with your members:

forms and downloads

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Essential documents, forms and other information for sports club organisers and committee members. Read More!


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If you’re a member of a sports club or society, it’s time to be thinking about running for a position on the committee! If you are a member of this year's Committee, you'll want to have a look at what you need to do over the coming months. Read More!



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refreshers: 12 FEBRUARY 2021

Click the link to sign up your Club or Society for the chance to have a stall at our Refreshers Fair this January!


first aid

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The Students' Union At UWE subsidises first aid courses for members of Sports Clubs and Societies. Check the course dates and booking information. Read More!


mental health in sport & SOCIETIES online training

For students, navigating university life can be tricky at times and we know how important it is for an individual to reach out to their teammates in times of need. The Mental Health in Sport & Societies student workshop trains students how to recognise and support teammates experiencing mental health difficulties, including introducing communication and signposting tools. Session are running in February and March 2021, sign up for a session here!



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The Students' Union At UWE runs driver training for larger vehicles.

Find out when the courses are running and how to book a place. Read More!