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Essential documents, forms and other information for sports club organisers and committee members. 

All these forms can be requested from The Students' Union at UWE reception.




Team Sports 

Find your BUCS fixtures here > BUCS Website (Available August 2019)

Captains Briefing Presentation (Prezi Link) (2018)   

Individual Sports 

Captains Briefing Presentation (Prezi Link)  


Use the templates below as the basis for your AGM and adapt it to for you needs.

These forms can be found here


This form should be filled out and submitted to the Opportunities Manager whenever there has been an accident, incident or a near miss during a training session, meeting, trip or any activity.

head injury reporting

Te Head Injury protocol must be followed for any suspected, or actual Head Injuries that have occured during any training or matches. The Opportunities Manager must be informed whenever a Head Injury has occured, and the relevant documents completed and returned.


The coach instructor form should be filled in for anyone, paid or voluntary who coaches or instructs your activitiy.


All committee forms can be found by clicking on the link below. The archive contains the Club Development Plan, Club Handover, Inventory, Risk Assessment and Budget forms.


The annual societies top-up fund is your opportunity to review your budget you put together over the summer and apply for any further funding you will need for the second term from The Students’ Union Societies Allocations Fund.

The top-up fund will consider funding through the top-up fund:

  • Essential equipment
  • Competitions and national representation
  • Trips (educational/ development orientated)
  • Events (educational/ development orientated)
  • Campaigns
  • Extra equipment (not essential, but will enhance your activity and offering to members)

The Students' Union at UWE will not consider funding the following through the top-up fund:

  • Social events (meals out, parties etc)
  • Clothing (hoodies etc)

Please send in applications via email to

Download Top-Up Fund Application


To register to drive a vehicle hired or insured by The Students' Union at UWE you must first register and pass the relevant test. You must then complete the following online Driver Registration Form, a minimum of 3 working days before you are due to travel. If you intend on transporting club or society members to an official activity (training, a trip, a meeting) using your own vehicle then you will need to register your vehicle with us, before you decide to reclaim on fuel costs!

To get started, fill in this online form. This will be automatically sent to The Students' Union Reception. You will then need to email over any relevant documentation, including the front and back of your driving licence and proof of insurance (where applicable). This must be emailed to Please note, completion of this form does not guarantee that you will be eligable to drive a vehicle hired by The Students' Union.

Please read the guidance notes below when completing the Driver Regsitration Form.

**NB** No form will be accepted without a DVLA Check code. 


Every time you would like to bring someone external in to speak to your society, club or the wider student body, you must fill in an External Speaker Form and return it to either:

  • The Opportunities team on
  • The Community team on

Once approved you must ensure that you display the Participation Agreement Poster at your event and send the speaker the External Speaker Agreement Form (below).

For more information on The University's External Speaker and Freedom of Speech policies, please visit their website here.


If any equipment owned or insured by The Students' Union at UWE is damaged then an Equipment Incident form must be filled in and submitted to the Opportunities manager.


When reclaiming expenses you must produce the correct documentation and fill in a Payments Voucher, which must be signed by the treasurer and another committee member. Please not that only VAT receipts will be accepted. If the Payments Voucher does not have two society signatures it will not be authorised.


Anytime you go on a trip we need you to fill in a booking form. Whether you need transport or not, we need to know where you are going, who's going and any relevant safety information. If you are in any doubt then please come and talk to us.


Partners and children who are not members of the club can attend trips if the relevant Participation Form is filled in to ensure that it is The Students' Union at UWE authorised event, that The Students' Union at UWE Opportunities and the activity concerned has fulfilled its ‘Duty of Care’ and provided 3rd party liability insurance cover for the individual.


If any damage is sustained while you are using a vehicle owned or insured by The Students' Union at UWE you must fill in an Accident report form amd submit it to the Opportunities team.


Student experience grants are awarded to staff and/or students to support extra-curricular or academic activities that enhance the student experience. Extra-curricular activities and student support initiatives are an important part of your university experience. Thanks to generous donations made by alumni, parents and friends of the University, we can help you broaden your horizons by supporting activites, trips adn services both on and off campus.

Tips for Student Experience applications:

  • The more impact a project has on students the better (for example we would rather fund a project which has an impact on 50 students rather than 8, if we had to compare)
  • We also like projects where we think it may attract some positive coverage, although this isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • We don’t fund: projects that are for individuals, or projects that we think should come out of the central Student’s Union budget (unless it’s explained why it hasn’t/ can’t come out of the central budget), or course or salary costs and we generally don’t fund group trips (but sometimes we fund sports related ones).

Successful Student Experience Grants have in the past been awarded to many of our Sports, Societies and campaigns, including:

  • Midwifery Equipment
  • Drama Society Play
  • Mature Student Welcome Week
  • Malaysian Cultural Awareness Campaign
  • Islamic Women in Sport
  • LGBT Conference
  • Rowing Training Camp
  • Buoyancy Aids for Cannoning
  • Badminton ‘Raveminton’
  • Free Self Defence Classes in Community (Kickboxing)
  • Equality Champion
  • Alternative Freshers’ Leaflet
  • One World Fiesta
  • Model UN conference

Please email or to discuss ideas for this fund and get your hands on an application form.


Community grants are awarded to projects which connect staff, students and alumni to the local community, make a global impact, support a sustainable future and broaden educational horizons.

Tips for Students Volunteering in the Community applications:

  • The projects must include student volunteers – it is best the applicant get in touch with UWE Volunteering here to see if the project will be suitable for UWE student volunteers. For this grant, we also expect that the skills of Student Volunteers will be enhanced and the application should show how.
  • The projects must make a positive impact in communities (whether locally, nationally or globally).
  • Projects that attract coverage are not absolutely necessary, but if the application for this type of grant can also tick this box it makes it really strong.

UWE Better Together don’t fund: projects that are for individuals, course or salary costs, group trips or projects that don’t include Student Volunteers.
Please email to discuss any ideas for this fund and get your hands on an application form.

Download Tips for Applying to the Better Together Fund


  • Looking for fun activities for your society?
  • Want to give something back to your community, whilst developing your skills?
  • Not sure where to start?

Check out our brand-new quick guide to society volunteering!