Activities Codes of Practice & Insurance

Codes of Practice and your Participation

By being a member of a Sport or Society you may be participating in activities which involve an above average element of risk, in an environment where professional medical care and rescue services may not be immediately available. You are responsible for ensuring that you understand the exact nature of each activity you undertake, the risks involved and the equipment needed for your safe participation. You should never participate in an activity where you are unsure of any of the above.

If in doubt ask the Sport/Society Committee members or the Opportunities Manager for further information. It is your responsibility to notify your next of kin of your desire to participate before taking part. And If you have a medical condition or previous injury that may affect your safe participation you must inform the Sport/Society Committee, Club Captain, Coach, Trip Organiser or Activity Leader before taking part. The benefits of your membership are conditional upon your proper conduct and therefore can be withdrawn if you breach The Students' Union at UWE values or policies; for more information please see the Opportunities codes of conduct below.

All Sports & Activities Codes of Practice 

All Sports & Societies members must read and abide by the following Code of Practice or their Club Specific one listed below.

Club Specific Codes of Practice


  • Activities Code of Practice (UWE MOVE & Physical Activity Societies - Airsoft | Paintball | Pole Fitness | Quidditch | SAGUWE | Skateboard | Yoga)
  • Societies Code of Practice (All Academic, Special Interest and National, Faith and Identity Socieites, excluding those named above)

All members of Sports and Societies must uphold the values of The Students' Union at UWE

Your membership maybe be withdrawn if you breach any of The Students' Union at UWE policy or procedure.

personal accident INSURANCE POLICY summary documents

  • Basic (Societies)
  • Essential (UWE MOVE & Physical Activity Societies - Airsoft | Paintball | Pole Fitness | Quidditch | SAGUWE | Skateboard | Yoga)
  • Elite (Sports Clubs)

When you purchase your Club or Society membership, you will be asked to agree to an updated data sharing agreement with our insurance providor in order to ensure a faster service and completion of any claim you may need to make. Your data will only be used in the event that you need to make a claim, and information will not be used for any other purpose. You can find out more here.

To make a claim on your personal accident insurance, please click here.

Please note, affiliate and associate members of the Students' Union are covered under the Personal Accident Insurance Policy (providing they have paid the relevant fees), however these individuals are not covered under the Public Liability Insurance policy. A copy of the policy wording is available upon request. For more information, please contact