Jobshop For Employers

Jobshop For Employers

What's The Jobshop All About?

Jobshop offers employers: local and national, direct contact with the 28000+ students studying at UWE. UWE students actively looking for work register with Jobshop and then receive a weekly personal e-mail with details of all the jobs available. The weekly e-mail currently goes to around 10,000 registered, current students. Jobshop can therefore offer employers fast access to well-educated, eager and adaptable staff.

The aim of the The Students' Union at UWE Jobshop is to assist employers with part-time/holiday; permanent, casual and temporary vacancies make contact with appropriate students who are looking for work. The Jobshop will not enter into contracts with students or employers. Contracts of employment are to be agreed directly between employer and student and the Jobshop will only become involved in this when the employer is The Students' Union at UWE. As such, the role of the Jobshop might be best understood as being more aligned to a job centre rather than a commercial employment agency.

How Do You Use It?

Using Jobshop is easy - simply follow this 4 steps and with only a little effort, you can organise your recruitment advertising needs for up to a year! Here's how.....

  1. First of all, you need to read the Jobshop Terms and Conditions of Business. These terms exist to allow us to be able to guarantee to students using Jobshop that all vacancies offered comply with certain basic conditions
  2. How many positions do you want to advertise? Will you have more in the future months? Do you use seasonal staff? Have a think about your requirements not just at the moment but over the next few months - remember, you can book advertising runs that last up to a year.
  3. Download our price list to see how much your advert will cost. Because the Jobshop is run by the Students' Union, it can provide these services to you at a tiny fraction of the cost of advertising in a newspaper or using a recruitment agency.
  4. So you've read the terms, decided on the advertising run you want - all you have to do now is book it. To do this you just need to fill in the relevant sections of the Booking Form. Then you need to click on the icon for the corresponding cost and length for the advert you require. Once you have paid and uploaded your booking form the rest is up to us. 

On receipt of your order, we will enter your details on the Jobshop database and your advert will be live until the closing date or until you instruct us to take them down. Details of your vacancy will be included in the next e-mail out to all registered students, or we can arrange for it to go out straight away if it's really urgent! If you have any other questions about how to book, the charges or anything else, please contact the Jobshop via telephone 0117 32 82674 or e-mail address

I agree to abide by the Jobshop Terms and Conditions (click here)

(Please note: You will need a guest account on our website to complete the form. Simply follow the instructions under Staff, Alumni and Guests on the login page). 




*SU Affiliates – What does this mean?

These are charities or organisations who work in partnership with The Students' Union. Private individuals who wish to advertise for carers for children with disabilities or vulnerable adults can also advertise under the non-chargeable Affiliates banner.