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These sessions are designed for anyone who wants a challenge, wants to increase their running ability or even try running for the first time.

Running can be hard, so we recommend starting small and building up your distance. Together with other like minded people - you'll soon be running across the finish line of your next big race with a huge proud grin across your face!

Don't worry about not being fast enough - the group moves at different paces to suit every individual and you'll never be left on your own! So grab your trainers and sign up to this course!



DAY: Monday 

TIME: 17:00-18:00

LOCATION: Meet at The Students' Union reception at Frenchay at 16:50

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Reflective clothing should always be worn where possible. Good quality footwear is also required to take part in this class. If you are inappropriately dressed, the instructor may advise against your participation. 



**Once you have signed up - please complete and print the disclaimer HERE **