Start A New Sports Club

The Students' Union at UWE offers a wide range of groups and activities to get involved in but if the activity you're looking for isn't currently available then why not set one up yourself?

Not only will setting up a sports club bring the activity you're passionate about to a whole new group of people but it will also provide you with a lot of skills that are going to boost your CV. There's a saying that goes "Don't just get a degree, get an education!" – starting up and running a sports club can give you the extra transferable skills that employers are looking for.

It's easy to start a sports club

  1. Download the How To... guide . Many of your questions will be answered and the process outlined in detail.
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Download and sign a constitution before bringing it to the Opportunities Office on the Second Floor of the Union Offices.
  4. Attend a meeting of Sports Council to be voted in.
  5. Undergo a committee training session where we'll tell you about all the things you can do as asports club.

There is plenty of support for you along the way, too; the Opportunities Centre are on hand to help the process along and then to ensure that you get all the know-how you need to kick start your activities, whether that's a welcome meeting, first trip or a social event.

Setting up a New Sports Club

This simple guide provides you step-by-step procedures and will answer many of the questions you'll have about starting a new Sports Club.

How to Set up a Sports Club 2018/19

New Sports Clubs Application Form

The application has three simple sections:

  1. Club Profile - detail what you’re planning to do and how students can get involved. You might not have the specifics but a gist is required. You’ll also set the cost of joining here. The minimum is £20 and there is currently no maximum limit.
  2. Committee Contact Details - each club must be run by a group of at least 4 students: a President, Secretary, Participation and Treasurer. It is their job to be the main contact for students and The Students Union at UWE.
  3. Pre-Member List - to prove that there is a need for your club to be started we ask that you provide us with the names and Student ID numbers of 25 current students.

Sports Club Constitution

Once you've filled in the application form you'll need to print off a constitution. Get this signed by all of the committee and then hand it in to the Opportunities Department at The Students' Union at UWE.