Welcome to Engineers Without Borders UWE

EWB UWE is an opportunity for UWE students to take part in global projects. Through our work you can improve practical skills, network with like minded individuals and a professional network of engineers, architects and international communities. We welcome all who are interested from whatever background and love for people to bring new ideas and opportunities and generally get involved!      


UWE EWB welcomes students from all disciplines with an interest in using engineering to create a better future. EWB provides amazing opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge from their course to real world situations, from Clean Water projects to building Relief Housing for people in crisis. Being a part of the EWB society is a great addition to any CV and is highly thought of in many industries as a national force for good.

Through our University Member Group you can attend workshops, talks and networking events, or take a more hands on approach and get involved in our projects. Over the last few years, the architecture-led part of EWB have been designing and building relief housing. This year we are widening the focus to all disciplines, to allow for a more diverse range of projects to select from. We can also assist you in joining international initiatives as a student member of the national society, doing anything from becoming a National Engineering Ambassador to joining a training course in sustainable technologies in Mexico (check out the EWB website for the photos!). If you would like to find out more or get involved you can find us on Facebook or speak to our senior team members! We'll also be at freshers fair so come along and have a chat!


Running the society this year we have

President: Gyasi Forbes-Hastings-Brown

Vice President: Edward Moore

Treasurer: Georgina Packham