UWE Gliding Club

Do you want to learn to fly?
Joining UWE Gliding Club gives you access to our world-class gliding training facilities at the Cotswold Gliding Club in Stroud. Cotswold Gliding Club is one of the UK’s premier gliding clubs, and membership of UWEGC gives you access to all of their facilities, including their new training fleet of PW6 and DG500 two seat training gliders.

I want to go flying! What do I do next?
We fly every weekend and most Wednesdays and all trips are free! Each winch launch is just £7.50 and includes instruction with our experienced gliding instructors. Once you've joined you can go on as many trips as you like - just sign up through our website at www.uwegliding.com.

You don't need any prior experience to join and with commitment you could fly solo within a year!

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